Wheel Brands

U want that exclusive wheel but can’t decide witch 1? U want to compare each brand in 1 place at the same time? We from Vag United have the solution. Come to our show on 11/7 and 12/7 and discover/ compare these brands of wheels and many more……. The dealers will be happy to help u .

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Nuttige info

Opbouw Donderdag 9.7.2015 van 08:00 tot 17:00

Opbouw Vrijdag 10.7.2015 van 08:00 tot 23:00

Opbouw Zaterdag 11.7.2015 van 06:30 tot 08:30

Openingsuren show:
Zaterdag 11.7.2015 van 10:00 tot 18:00
Zondag 12.7.2015 van 09:00 tot 17:00

Vip receptie op Zaterdag 11.7.2015 van 18:30 tot 20:30

Afbraak Zondag 12.7.2015 van 18:00 tot …

Afbraak Maandag 13.7.2015 van 08:00 tot 12:00


VZW Luchtpompers

This club standing with us from day 1. We have much love and respect for these guys. Last year they decided immediately that they would be a part of The VagUnited Indoorshow Part 2. Come check them out in our aircooled Hal nr1


Dub Workz

Some1 need a handy man? These guys do it all! Leather interior, airride , polishing cars , wrapping cars and so on.

Ask Sven anything on our show. He will be happy to help u out.




David is also coming back to our show.

U need to see some projects hes working on. All custom made polyester cars based on volkswagen chassis , i know he brings some good stuff to our show.

Talk to David he’s happy to help u and maybe u drive 1 of he’s crazy cars in the future





With great pride we can anounce that Alpine is coming to our show.

They also have doubled there space so this is a must to see!

We can’t tell much but we can tell that they are going to unveil there newest gadget on the market here. Come and check them out!




Do u know what Hydro Dipping means?

The guys from StylenShine are happy to explain this at our show.

They also dip, polish and clean ur wip for that unique fantastic look.

Come and check them out!!




Top Radio LIVE!!

We are very proud to anounce that the Dj’s from TopRadio wil give our show some vibes. Lett’s all dance to there music while we enjoy our greatest hobby and love “CARS” . Its live music on radio from our show.

Some Dj’s that will be present are:  * DJ Bram

* Dj Caro

* Dj Jeroen

* Dj Wouter